Sinclairity: A Dinosaurs Tale

Ben Handupme and We’re Gonna Need Another Timmy watch the entire Jim Henson concocted 1990s television sitcom Dinosaurs and use this endeavor as an excuse to talk to each other once a week about Pokémon, music, jobs, relationships, and I guess Dinosaurs. Most effective media available for anyone wishing to gain clarity on the Sinclair family.

Hey friends, it is so nice to see you again! Welcome back to the only podcast Ellen Degeneres is afraid of( yet won't unsubscribe from): Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale. This week is special because not only are you treated to your beloved hosts Tim and Ben (whom you've long since grown bored of), but you are being gifted with a guest host by the name of Arielle Secretlastname. Listen in as we discuss the season 3 episode of Dinosaurs: "If I Were A Tree". Alternate titles: My 10 Inch Girlfriend, Vegans In The Workplace, Kirkland Pizza: The #4 Pizza in America, It's Not the Size of the Girlfriend; It's the Motion in the Ocean, and Opossum Qualifications and Restrictions. See y'all soon!

Welcome back to Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale! Guess what? This is a bonus episode. It is somewhat about the show Dinosaurs but mostly just an outlet allowing hosts Tim and Ben advertise the upcoming Sinclairity live show on Oct 26th in St. Pete, FL. Here are some alternate titles for today's episode in lieu of not wanting to write a real description: Sorry Less Than Jake, Greased EP, Reel Big Zach, Leftover Cumtown, Cumtown's Most Wanted, What Even Is Cumtown, and If You're a Flappy Bird I'm a Flappy Bird. Bye, lovers.


Hello and welcome back to the only podcast brave enough to put Baby in a corner: Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale! Have you met our hosts Tim and Ben? Tim is the one in a loving, monogamous relationship and Ben is the roofer that disappears after their first paycheck. On this very special song-heavy episode, our hosts discuss the Dinosaurs episode Dirty Dancin' as well as: Glen Danzig from Cheers and Who's The Boss, ICP decals on a custom hearse, the biggest juggalo in Brevard County, Eminem's stranglehold on the Venom 2 soundtrack, how to quick save irl, signing to Poop Knife Records, Ezra's Freud Void, and Canada being the gay version of the United States. Until next time, we love you. After next time? Well that's up to you.

Welcome back to the podcast that holds the record for playing the most shows without getting paid: Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale! This week, your charismatic hosts Ben Handupme and We're Gonna Need Another Timmy discuss the season 3 episode of Dinosaurs titled "Swamp Music." Basically some white guys wrote a parable for cultural appropriation in rock music and they did a sloppy job about it. However, we do a slightly less sloppy job about reviewing said episode, so maybe you'll get something out of this messed up world we live in after all. Besides, maybe you'll enjoy the following talking points: the difference between Underoath and From First to Last, the late Norm MacDonald, satanic metal bands that won't commit ritual suicide, Ysa disrespecting our artist endeavors, Kermit the Frog replacing Justin Pierre from Motion City Soundtrack, and the fact that every band is actually just Sublime. And hey, guess what? Sinclairity will be performing a live episode this year at Pre-Fest in St. Pete, Florida. Join us at Lucky You Tattoo on Tuesday October 26th and check out all the awesome bands that will be playing after us. Show will start at 6 PM, and we will include a link below that you can follow to buy tickets. Thanks! Love Ya!

Well, well, well...we meet again, at last. I can’t say that I knew for certain that I’d see you around these parts again...but, alas, here we are. You, a ranting and raving fan of the hit podcast Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale. Me, someone who broke into the Sinclairity studio, tied up the chap who typically writes these descriptions, and wholly took over his role. The difference between you and I? I make it look good. Also, you’re hotter, funnier, cooler, smarter, and more loyal to the podcast you love. Enjoy this week’s episode in which your hosts Ben Handupme and We’re Gonna Need Another Timmy discuss the season 3 Dinosaurs episode “Honey, I Miss the Kids”. Other talking points include: Ben’s hurricane experience, working two jobs, speaking only in Tim Robinson quotes, adding Matilda to the MCU, ad supported ultrasounds, bean dad’s prehistoric predecessor, and songs about living in the sea. Come check on us again next week, and we’ll check you out as well. Love you, bye.


Hello stranger! I didn't hear you come in! I was aurally preoccupied by the sonorous tones of the newest episode of the hit podcast Sinclairity: A Dinosaurs Tale. This week, the dianetic duo discuss the Dinosaurs episode Steroids to Heaven with the help of musical improv demigod Sarah Shockey from the podcasts Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling and Hello From the Magic Tavern. Join us next week even though we will lack Sarah and be worse for it.

Welcome back to Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale: the only podcast whose taller host stole a cursed amulet from the depths of the Marianas Trench, leading to an increase in water-based natural disasters over the past couple of years. We recorded an episode last year while host Ben Handupme was podcasting by candlelight in the middle of Hurricane Zeta. And this year, we recorded an episode while Ben Handupme prepared their apartment and pets to withstand Hurricane Ida. Our other host We’re Gonna Need Another Timmy was there for emotional support, and our producer Zach George was there to tell Ben to leave New Orleans and move back to Ohio. On this bonus episode, our hosts spend their time discussing hurricanes they’ve been in or have evacuated town for and several less important things. This episode, and every other episode, is dedicated to the memory of the best person Ben Handupme has ever met: Ben Kovarsky. RIP in peace.


Welcome back to Sinclairity: A Dinosaurs Tale! Another Friday? Another chance for our lovely hosts Ben Handupme and We're Gonna Need Another Timmy to figure out how to produce a decent episode of a podcast for once. This week, our hosts discuss the Dinosaurs episode "Out Of The Frying Pan" from Season 3. They almost succeed at providing their fans with a perfect episode, but unfortunately they spent too much of that time on discussing things like John Mulaney vs. Pete Davidson, Dave vs. Benny Blanco, Marshall Mathers vs. Stan, Rancid vs. Nofx, and meth psychosis vs. the shadow people. Well, maybe we'll get it right next week. Who knows?\

#50 Serial 2: A Tidal Exclusive Podcast or 

Welcome back to the only podcast that subverts the two party system by writing in "Beatles lyrics about peace and love" when casting ballots for presidential elections: Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale! How the smoo are we 50 episodes deep in this series already? Time makes literally no sense. For episode 50, our hosts Tim and Ben are blessed with a season 3 episode of Dinosaurs called "Green Card" to recap and discuss. I say blessed because this episode was written by Tim Doyle- aka the only writer who hit a home run with every single episode he was tasked with writing for the show. Talking points include: Ben Sharpiro’s objective levels of cuteness, that famous podcast about cereal or whatever, Tim’s nonbinary dog, redacting accidental slander against Dan from Alkaline Trio, navigating a world of problematic favorites, converting to reformed alcoholism, and eating Rihanna.




Welcome back to the only podcast that is absolutely panned by dogs who know how to rate, review, and comment on iTunes: Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale. This week, our lovely hosts Tim and Ben review the season 3 Dinosaurs episode "Getting to Know You." Talking points include: Earl remaining as ethnocentric as ever, French people worshipping Jerry Lewis, whether or not bugs are permissible on a vegan diet, Ben's short lived baseball fixation, Chef Tim's Bad Recipe Corner, and losing to a bird. Stay safe out there. We love you.

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