Sinclairity: A Dinosaurs Tale

Ben Handupme and We’re Gonna Need Another Timmy watch the entire Jim Henson concocted 1990s television sitcom Dinosaurs and use this endeavor as an excuse to talk to each other once a week about Pokémon, music, jobs, relationships, and I guess Dinosaurs. Most effective media available for anyone wishing to gain clarity on the Sinclair family.

Welcome back to a niche little podcast  called Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale. “Niche”, in this occurrence, is used to put a positive spin on the blaring irrelevance and undeniable obscurity of this little show we do once a week wherein we discuss every episode of the Jim Henson puppet sitcom from the late Cretaceous period (aka the early 90s.” 

This week, our brave and dashing hosts Tim and Ben throw caution to the wind and watch the season 4 Dinosaurs episode “Into the Woods.” They watch it so you don’t have to, so please be grateful for them and if you are ever to encounter one of them in public, perhaps at a Walmart or a vegan deli, thank them for their service. Thank you for yours, by the way. Stay safe out there, girlboss. 

From 10/09/2020: "#5 This Is Not A Good Episode"

"This episode is the season one finale! That's crazy! We recorded a whole season of our podcast! Granted, the first season of the show Dinosaurs is only 5 episodes so it's not like a super impressively long podcast season or whatever but we're still proud of it. In this episode, Tim and Ben talk about the episode The Howling (Season 1, Episode 5), but they have trouble staying focused for whatever reason. This episode was recorded more than a month and a half after the previous episode was recorded, so maybe that's why our hosts are prone to sidetracking throughout this whole episode. The Howling gets discussed to its full potential, of course, but they end up devoting much more time to Nintendo 64 games, Tim’s old rap songs about Pokémon, Ben’s idea for a TV show called Kid Shrek, homophobic power rangers, using the internet in the early 2000s, and the dangers of YouTube algorithms. Listen to the very end to hear the voice of God (our producer, Zach) for the first time of the series. Thanks everyone for joining us in celebrating this weird ass dinosaur puppet sitcom. We have three more seasons to go, so I'm sure we'll get better at doing a podcast by time we finish the series."

Welcome back to Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale, the internet's most cursed podcast about the 1990s puppet sitcom Dinosaurs. First of all, thank you for sticking around even though our release schedule has become incredibly staggered. One of our co-hosts has lost their house to a fire, which only added to the laundry list of obstacles that we've had to overcome while making this podcast. But hey it's the lord's work so we'll do it no matter what else is thrown our way. Now while one of our host's life falls apart, our other host's life is flourishing beautifully as Tim prepares to marry his fiance in the near future. This bonus episode should serve as warning for anyone who might consider allowing Ben Handupme to officiate their wedding. It's a high risk low reward move. Have fun listening to our bullshit and we'll see you soon! Love you!

From 10/02/2020: "#4 You Flirt With Some Masta-Don Juan In The Invertebrate Aisle And Now I’m Gonna Die!"

"Hey everybody and TGIF (Thank Gary It’s Friday)! This week on Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale, Timmy and Ben wonder why on prehistoric Earth does Earl’s family cares so much about whether or not he survives a fight to the death against a illogically large dilophosaurus named Gary. For some reason there is a law in dinosaur society which allows male dinosaurs to officially challenge any other male dinosaur to a fight to the death with the rewards being ownership of the fallen dinosaur’s wife, kids, mother-in-law, house, and assets/debts. Robbie is once again indignant over the fact that everyone just blindly adheres to these archaic laws and traditions and (for some reason) thinks that it’s wrong for someone to kill his dad."

From 9/24/2020:

"Join hosts We’re Gonna Need Another Timmy and Ben Handupme as they discuss the Dinosaurs episode Hurling Day (Season 1, Episode 3). Ben and Tim struggle with concepts like why dinosaurs hate their mother in laws, why mother in laws apparently existed before dinosaurs even became civilized, and why Robbie is the only dinosaur with any emotional content? Also, we’re introduced to Fran’s mother Ethyl who hates Earl for all of the wrong reasons."

Welcome back to Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale, a podcast that is getting very close to accomplishing its sole mission of watching and discussing every episode of the 1990s puppet sitcom Dinosaurs. I mean, technically the podcast isn't doing anything on its own, as it is merely an mp3 file being tossed around via RSS feed. Rather, our hosts Ben and Tim are doing all the heavy lifting around here, whenever they are not rendered useless by an unexpectedly potent THC gummy or a monotonous, meandering phone call from one of their moms. Oh yeah, this week's episode is about the season 4 episode The Terrible Twos. Have a great weekend and wish Tim a happy birthday!

Rerun of our 2nd episode from September 27 2020. "This week We're Gonna Need Another Timmy and Ben Handupme discuss Dinosaurs episode The Mating Dance (Season 1, Episode 2) and talk sh*t about Earl and his inability to parent his kids or do a sexy dance. Roy reveals that he's still got it so Earl takes classes on his to get it. Fran is essentially a single mom at this point. Ben had microphone issues while recording this episode and we are sorry you don't get to hear their beautiful voice in clarity on this week's episode of Sinclairity."

Welcome back to Sinclairity: A Dinosaurs Tale! Did you miss us? It's been a fortnight! We've rarely been apart for so long! This week, Tim and Ben discuss the Dinosaurs episode "Earl's Big Jackpot" (Season 4, Episode 5). Basically it's an episode about how corporations will fuck over their employees over 9 out of 9 times. Quit your job, become your own God, and treat others with respect and compassion. Next week we'll be reposting the 2nd episode of our podcast (from 2 years ago, holy shit) and then we'll bring you a brand new episode the following Friday. Love, Sinclairity.

Now that we are slowing our new episode rate to every other Friday until we post the series finale, we will be filling in the obverse Fridays with reruns from our first season. This is a repost of our pilot. Love yall 

Welcome to a new era of Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale. By new era, I just mean that for the final 10 or so episodes of the podcast, episodes will be released every other Friday, replacing the weekly release schedule we've (somewhat) adhered to up to this point. Are we doing this to prolong us having to conclude our podcast and move on? Yes. Is it because we will cry a lot about it being over? Yes. Is this the Dinosaurs episode t "Driving Miss Ethyl" from Season 4? Yes. Enjoy? Maybe.

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